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Matt Quinn Photography

Matt Quinn


For 10 amazing days my family explored one of the most breath taking places on Earth. Throughout our trip I documented the magical moments we experienced and share them back in this softcover 100 page photography book. So rarely do photographers get nature to cooperate but on this trip we experienced it all from, grizzly bear ecounters, freak spring snow storms, 7 crisp clear nights, and 2 dazzling displays of the northern lights. It was truely a once in a lifetime adventure.

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Photo: Chad Barry Photography

Artist Statement

My work stems from an immense appreciation of the natural world and human creativity. Our civilization was built on us looking up into the night sky and questioning how the natural world works. Today, as most can't see many stars where they live, we turn our heads downward into devices and engage with the world through filters and social media instead. I want my photographs to inspire a sense of wonder within but also share that a photo on a screen pales in comparison to the first hand experience. Sharing my work is a means to encourage others to get out and have their own unique experiences in nature and enjoy all the gratifying results that come with it.

In all of my images I aim to capture light in its more faint, unique and rare forms to show interesting perspectives of nature and our relationship with it. My images are one part artistic impression and one part pure documentary. The images represent reality in that they are never a composite of different locations or elements taken at different times. The images are always taken within a short time frame and use techniques such as long exposure photography, photo stitching and image stacking to produce a higher fidelity or more accurate representation.

Canadian Postage Stamp

In 2018 Canada Post released a stamp collection celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. I was honoured to have one of my Milky Way images minted into Canadian history as a postage stamp. You can read more about the collection from the links below:

Astronomy stamps showcase Milky Way, Northern Lights
Cambridge photographer’s photo is out of this world

Subaru Canada

In early 2018 I connected with Subaru Canada to document the night sky experience and share a series of short tutorials teaching others about night sky photography. Here is the first episode in the series:


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